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Monday, February 28, 2005

This is where Alan likes for Victoria (or kids in general) to be most of the time. "Children are to be seen not heard"-- J. Alan Hatcher Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I know this is cruel... but this is so funny! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Before we were married... Posted by Hello

Won't Annie look so cute dressed as this for Halloween? Posted by Hello

Talent show. They sang God bless the USA! Posted by Hello

Yeah!!! Cheer season is over till next year. Posted by Hello

Hello World! I am Annie! Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

Let the Agony Begin!

Today is the first day of my exercise routine.

I will work with a personal trainer on Mon,Wed and Fri for an hour each appointment and on Tue and Thu I will be doing water aerobics class for an hour. All this plus the first 2 weeks I am mostly on a seafood low carbs diet.

I will not be announcing by D.B.A.N. # as my husband does. I do not want to bore you or embarrass myself. I will keep you updated on pound loss and inch loss.

Stay tuned for results....

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I give it 2 thumbs Up!

This weekend I (with some other lady friends) saw the movie Wedding Date! It was a good warm and fuzzy movie. Kind of a remake of Pretty Women and My Best Friends Wedding, both of which I like!

I will admit I am a sucker for any sweet romantic movie! I loved it, I came out smiling and that is all that I was looking for, oh and I saw a really cute naked butt!


Friday, February 04, 2005

Not so secret Rendezvous!

So this past Wednesday night I have a 'date night' with Alan. Since he is working in Atlanta we decided to meet at Mount Eagle at this place called The Smokehouse Lodge in a Cabin. The cabin was nice with a fireplace and jacuzzi, but the bed was as hard as a piece of wood (Alan complained all night and morning, and probably still complaining now =). I thought it was nice though. We ate dinner at the restaurant before retiring to our cabin and I am sure Alan and I's opinion will be different but I thought that it was AWFUL!! The food was sitting there for a while and a little to backwards country for me but the company was worth it.

Here is a funny story... When we went to sleep we a log burning in the fireplace and the window unit on low low heat, well in the middle of the night Alan got up cause he was HOT and instead of just turning the heat off he turned the AC on!!!!! Well anyway, the log in fireplace went out and when I woke up it hurt to breathe the air cause it was SOOOO cold! I did not get warm until I made it back home and took a HOOOOTTT bath!

It was a nice getaway(from kid and all the pets) and I hope we can do it again soon.