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Monday, June 27, 2005

Bye Bye little Honda! See you again when you look better! Posted by Hello

Poor little Honda! 2nd wreck in 6 months. I say BURN IT! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

A lesson to be learned... When Alan is eating LEAVE HIM ALONE! Someone tried to touch one of his wings, whew, it was ugly! Posted by Hello

The bird is yelling at Alan! PUT ME DOWN!!! Posted by Hello

Victoria's 12th B-day party! We had 10 girls and a Scavanger Hunt through the mall! Never again... Posted by Hello

Victoria relaxing on the beach. Of course under the umbrella, too hot otherwise. Posted by Hello

We (Victoria,my mom, my stepdad, nephew and myself) went to Hollywood,FL for 10 days. This was the beach view outside of our house. I had never seen water like this before except on our honeymoon. Posted by Hello

Victoria and I at the end of May. WOW she is growing up so fast. Everyone says we look alike. What do you think? Posted by Hello

It's been awhile since I updated! On May 5th I decided to take it a test. To my hysterics and shock it finally game up positive. I got the test that either said 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'! Ours said Pregnant! So now that I am at the end of 11 weeks and feeling better I will be updating the blog more. Posted by Hello