It's all about Me!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ok room is complete! Check out the new sun, clouds and horse. I sure hope Jackson likes it. Posted by Picasa

Natalie made me this diaper cake. I love it and will have a hard time taking it apart. Hers looks better than mine do. Posted by Picasa

I had a Sunday School Shower this past Saturday. I had a Alabama shower too (pictures need to be developed). Shower was great fun and lots of yummy food and presents for Jackson. All we need now is the baby! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Theese were the Shower Givers. Melissa and Jennifer! Big shout of thanks for all there help in making my special day so special! Posted by Picasa

Update on Baby Jackson!

We went to the Dr. this past Monday. We are starting our 33rd week. Everything still looking great!
They set up an ultrasound for 2 weeks Nov.21st to check his growth and size, it seems they think I might be carrying a LARGE baby and he might come early which would be fine for us!
We will keep you updated.

Veronica wanted to show us her teeth that she could eat him as well! Alan much happier with a full belly! How Cute! Posted by Picasa

Alan was so hungry by the time we got there he was fixing to snack on Veronica! Thank goodness we got there in time to save her. Posted by Picasa

After the shower we met up with Alan and Paul and Veronica to what... EAT of course and of course it was at a Mexican Resturaunt! Posted by Picasa

Another shower picture with Victoria. Standing next to her skinny self I look even bigger! I had a great time and got lots of great gifts to help out with baby Jackson. My funniest gift was called peepee teepee's! Posted by Picasa

This is a picture from my Baby Shower. Here is me pictured with all my moms. L to R Darthy (mom-n-law), Renee(mom-outlaw),ME and Debbie(my mom). Only my step mom Carol is missing.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One more birthday picture with my FAVORITE baby girl. 8 Months pregnant and feeling it. Posted by Picasa

Alan and I on my 32nd birthday! We went out to eat at a Japanese Steak House. It was yummy but we both ate way tooo much.  Posted by Picasa

8 Months pregnant. Almost done!  Posted by Picasa

My neice Natalie Brynn came by to trick or treat. While visiting she decided to plot her next evil plan. "who should I spit up on next?" She is 12 weeks old. My nephew (not pictured) was a magician.  Posted by Picasa

Halloween at the Hatcher's house. Victoria was Little Red Riding HOod. Annie was a weiner dog. Victoria got lots of candy, Annie barked all night. Posted by Picasa

Alan and Victoria ran (walked) a heartwalk. It was 3.2 miles and Victoria had turned into a pop-sicle. Lucky for me I stayed in a nice warm house and waited. Posted by Picasa