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Thursday, April 28, 2005

My husband made me make this quiz.

I made a Quiz for You on
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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Star Wars Memory Lane!

So this weekend I was bored so I put in the 1st or 4th(whatever) Star Wars DVD. I watched all of that movie and then the next 2 after that. Whoa that was a lot of space movie time. Well anyway I understand the story a little better this time so it was easier to follow with out having to ask Alan questions. I used to have Princess Leiha under roos and a headband with the 'bun hair' back when it came out. I was 4 years old. Paul you can have your movies back! Thanks!

Surprise Nice side!

So this Saturday after we had lunch with Paul and Veronica on our way home I suggested seeing a movie, thinking that Alan would never take me up on this idea, but I did threaten work if we went straight home (that may have been his motivation). Anyway, it said the movie was my choice so we saw the movie Fever Pitch. He liked it and it was ok for me. I am usually a sucker for the romance movies but this had too much baseball for my taste so it was hard for me to get sucked into the love story. Maybe that is why he liked it cause of the sports.

This past Friday, myself and 39 6th graders with 4 other chaperones took a tour of the State Capitol, State museum and The Parthenon. It was an exhausting day. Here is a statue of Athena who is made of (not real gold) but gold leaf. Quite a sight she was very tall. Posted by Hello