It's all about Me!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Theese are some cute little hangers we found. This is Jackson's fancy comming home out fit we found. It has a little hat with matching sailboats and crochet booties to complete the outfit. Posted by Picasa

Here is a picture of the nusery. It is almost complete. Still needs some final touches like shelves and letters to spell his name over the dresser. We like to go up to the room and look at it. Annie doesn't really like the room she knows that it means things are going to change for her. Posted by Picasa

Another Baby Hatcher Update!

Well we are in our 28th week now and I am starting to feel really pregnant. So far everthing is ok. We had our second utrasound and he is still a BOY! Jackson is about 2lbs. and starting to kick me like crazy, I am even getting some bruises below my ribs.
Our nusery is mostly complete just some final touches left to do. Showers are schelduled for early November. Now just trying to get the holiday stuff all in order. Get really tired really fast. Having a hard time with learing how to slow down so then I just pass out for a long time. Alan says I am not sleeping at night, maybe that is why I am so tired!
That's it for now next Dr. Appt is October 24th. We start our 6 week classes that same day at baptist hospital.