It's all about Me!

Monday, December 26, 2005

House is ready, parents not so sure!

Well, we have cleaned, dusted, mopped and scrubbed to get the house clean for baby Jackson to come home to a fresh, germ free house. This morning we went and bought mini dv camcorder to record all the exciting things that are about to happen (it's charging up now). Bags packed, all of Jackson's clothes washed and some of ours too. We will run to the store tommorow to get some last minute toiletries and house necessties. So the house is ready now the parents and big sister just need to catch up on sleep (I am too anxious and nervous for that). One more day to get ALL READY for our life to change, forever!

The time is comming!

Ok, Well it is Monday morning and we are for sure having baby Jackson on Wednesday. That is only 2 days away!?!? Alan and I talked about it, it is hard to believe after all this waiting that it is finally here. We only have 2 nights to sleep left. Induction starts at 7:00 am on Wednesday, December 28th. Stay tuned for more details.