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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Recent movie updates.

So, I know most of my readers do not agree with my movie choices but we have seen 3
recently that have been pretty good (in my opinion).

1. Ice Princess. Victoria and I went and saw this one it's a Disney movie. We thought it was good, very good mother/daughter film. 4 stars!

2. Guess Who? We saw this for Alan's birthday and had quite a few laughs. Bernie Mac makes this film funny. 4 stars

3. Ms. Congeniality 2. Victoria and I saw it yesterday. It was very funny. Not as good as the first one though. Entertaining but 3 stars!

That's it as of now. Victoria is on spring break this week so maybe we will squeeze another one in.

I know my readers will be seating on the edge of their seats till my next review.
Stay tuned...

A picture of Victoria on Easter. We went to the Dr this week and she is 5'3" that makes her in the 92% for her age! Everyone made comments on how she is looking older than her age. Posted by Hello

Saturday was Alan's 37th Birthday! We went out for a steak dinner and saw the movie 'Guess Who'. On Sunday we had his favorite (coconut cake). Happy Birthday Alan from your 2 favorite girls. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This is Steller Kart. I bet Alan is sad that he missed this concert. Posted by Hello

This is the band Kutless! Posted by Hello

Last night Victoria and I (her request) went to a 'pop-funk-rock' concert last night at RocketTown club here in Nashville. Featuring Barlow Girl (pictured), Kutless and Stellar Kart. It was SOOO loud and was very similar to the old loud rock bands. You know where everybody is bouncing their heads and jumping and mosh pits. It was sold out and that not selling seats, that's right standing room only. WOW I must be getting old cause I was ready to go after the first set. But I am a good mom so Victoria and her friend Elle stayed to the end. Next time... Ear plugs! Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Look at how cute and young Victoria looks. This picture was at Chris and Becky's wedding 3+ yrs ago. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 04, 2005

Here is a closer look at the floor...sorry for the dust. Posted by Hello

Here is a look at our Bamboo hardwood. We still need the quater round finished. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's snowing! Annie does not like the snow. Victoria's excited she's outta school! Posted by Hello